10th May 2024

Year 4 at Tower Bridge

Year 4 at Tower Bridge

“When we got to Tower Bridge, almost straight away we learned many amazing facts, such as that Tower Bridge was built around 130 years ago and it was originally powered by coal.

We got to walk on a glass floor which was 12m long. Looking down was terrifying but there was also a mirror on the ceiling which made it feel even higher! After we had lunch, but then we saw Tower Bridge open – twice! Then we used Meccano to make a bridge for a boat to pass under.”

By Aidan, Year 4


“On Monday, my class went on a trip to Tower Bridge. In our experience, we saw the bridge lift and learnt about the history of the bridge. First we went to the tower on the right and we worked as a team to build a bridge. We also learnt about how strong each type of bridge is. When we were on the glass walkway, we looked outside and found London landmarks.”

By Karuna, Year 4