11th May 2024

Year 4 watch the LSO at the Barbican

Year 4 watch the LSO at the Barbican

“My class (4B) visited the Barbican Centre before the Easter holidays to see and listen to the world famous London Symphony Orchestra (LSO). We travelled to the Barbican Centre by train starting off at South Woodford. During the performance, they played the theme music from the films Superman and Star Wars, which were fantastically played! This incredible orchestra was founded in 1904 and they regularly perform at the Barbican Centre as well as St Luke’s Centre. After we listened to the breath-taking performance, we finally had lunch. So far, the Barbican Centre trip has been my favourite trip this year.”

By Sutch, Year 4


“Two weeks ago, we visited the Barbican. It was packed with schools from other parts of London who had come. This is just a brief summary of what happened on the day.


First, we went on the Central Line and got off at Liverpool Street Station. We then took the circle line to the Barbican Centre and walked to the centre. The performance took a while to start, but once the orchestra started playing, we were learning about Billy the Kid, Romeo and Juliet and even listening to Superman in the tense, but exciting, atmosphere. There was even one point where we were jumping like horses in Heroes, Outlaws and Villains! It was so fun, I was rather disappointed when it ended! I can’t wait to go back there!”

By Leonard, Year 4


On the 18th March the whole of Year 4 went on a school trip to the Barbican together to watch the London Symphony Orchestra perform. It was an exciting trip and I enjoyed it immensely. We got there and back on the train. When we arrived at the Barbican, we queued up at the entrance before going into the building. I stared in awe at the gigantic stage littered with a cacophony of instruments, ranging from pianos to trombones. The performance was spectacular, filled with fun and facts. The show was about heroes and villains with pieces of music that go along with their life stories. I was amazed by the skill of the people in the orchestra, their movements so precise and delicate when playing their instruments. As we left, chattering excitedly, I realised how much I had enjoyed it. After that, we went outside to have our lunch on the picnic benches. It had been an exciting morning and I was glad I could sit down and have my lunch peacefully. Then, finally, we went back to the tube station to go back to school.”

By Sam, Year 4