28th April 2016

Year Three Visit Kew

Year 3 Visit Kew

On Thursday 21st April 2016, my class went to Kew Gardens. We went on a two hour coach journey and I thought the journey might be really boring, but it was worth it because we finally made it to Kew!


When we got off the coach, a lady came to meet us so that she could show us around. She asked us to do a really funny thing; we had to draw a tree as fast as we could in just 1 minute! Mine looked like a twisty mess because I chose a twisty tree! After that we went into the small green house (which was still huge!) and we saw lots of different cacti plants. It smelt really nice in there! My favourite type of cacti was green with really long, yellow spines. Whilst we were looking at the plants, we got to do some really cool sketches in our sketch books using pastels.


After that, we went into the large green house. It felt like a rainforest in there! It was really hot and steamy. There was a really big pond in the middle of the room which had loads of pretty lily pads floating on top. We even saw some fish hiding under the larger lily pads!


My favourite part of the day was when we went into the aquarium after lunch. I liked it in there because there were lots of colourful fish and even a funny looking puffer fish who followed my finger around the glass really slowly! I would recommend this school trip because it was fun and educational.



Year 3