2nd June 2023

Year 6 Redbridge Junior Citizenship Trip

Year 6 Junior Citizenship Trip

“At the Citizenship Day, we learnt what to do if there is a fire in your house and how to put someone in the recovery position. We also learnt about the potential risks of social media and how sending inappropriate pictures can affect our friends and peers. I really enjoyed the talk about travelling on public transport, which will help me when travelling to school next year.”

By Dima, Year 6

“One of the workshops focused on the acronym DR ABC and how by following the steps, we could possibly help save someone’s life if they were feeling unwell or were unconscious.


D is for Danger

This means before approaching someone unwell, you should always check for sharp objects and trip hazards that might harm you.


R is for Response

This means you should check to see if they respond to your voice or through shaking and moving their arms if they don’t respond to you.


A is for Airway

This is when you should tilt their head upwards by lifting their chin to open their airway.


B is for Breathing

This is when you should check to see if they are breathing. You can use your hand or move closer to them to see if you can hear or feel their breath


C is for Call

This means that you should call ‘999’.


While waiting for the ambulance to arrive we were shown how to put someone in the recovery position, which would help them breathe.”

By Theo, Year 6