17th August 2022

Year 6 Pupil Advocate Picnic

Year 6 Pupil Advocate Picnic

“We all brought in food and took it down to the grass area beside the picnic tables. We then sat down on mats with our friends and talked. We all brought in a wide range of food, but my favourite was the big juicy strawberries! I thought it was a good way to celebrate our service to the school and it was very enjoyable to be able to sit with our friends and eat a delicious lunch.”

Jake, Year 6 Pupil Advocate


“We ate sandwiches and fruit as we sat on the grass. It was so much fun! We had the picnic because all the advocates worked really hard all year, and it was a reward. We all had such a fun time! I think it was a great day, and a great way to thank the advocates for helping the school.”

Juliette, Year 6 Pupil Advocate