6th April 2024

Year 6 National Gallery Trip

Year 6 National Gallery Trip

As soon as I entered the first room, I knew I was in my heaven! I remember stepping into one of the rooms, surrounded by wonders that I could marvel at for hours.


We entered the most glorious room I’d ever seen, filled with intricate details and gorgeous articles that made the room come alive. And right in the middle of the room was a large stallion. Not an actual stallion, but a painting of one. He stood high with such a royal stance, back on his hind legs. He was probably one of my most adored paintings on this trip. But I didn’t marvel at his beauty for too long as something else caught my eye. The lady who was our guide moved my class to look at something honestly extraordinary. It was a Roman painting, based on some of their stories. It was wondrous, the little details really made me peer at it. We even got to figure out the story behind it and my, isn’t it something! 


The we hurried along to visit another room. I did try to gaze at some of the paintings, but my mum had to hurry me along! The next painting was an abstract piece. It was extraordinary. We were then taken back to look upon the best one. And oh it was marvelous. It took my breath away. It was a little countryside landscape painting. It also gave me inspiration to start working on my own landscape paintings. This trip was magical, and I hope to visit the gallery again soon!


By Tia-Rose, Year 6