7th November 2021

Year 6 History

Year 6 History

“In history we have been studying how the role of women changed throughout the Second World War, from before to after the unfortunate event. For example, very few women had jobs before the war, but during the war women had to work while the men were gone. The jobs included farming to fighting. However, after the war, the amount of women working went down to pre-war levels.”

By Jamie, Year 6


“Before the war, women were expected to look after children and do housework. However, during the war, all the men were conscripted to go and fight for the Allies, so all the jobs they usually did had to be done by women. They were recruited for the armed forces such as the WAAF (Women’s Auxiliary Air Force), the Women’s Land Army (farming work), mechanics and engineering. We also learnt about the reasons why women’s roles did not change as much due to the war, including that the Equal Pay Act was not passed until 1970. For our task, we wrote a brief piece of writing about the reasons why women’s roles did change and the reasons why they didn’t as well. We also included our own opinions on whether we thought World War Two really changed the roles of women or not.”

By Lilia, Year 6