10th June 2024

Year 6 Gurdwara Visit

Year 6 Gurdwara Visit

“We went to the Gurdwara in Barking for a school trip. We had this trip because we have been learning about Sikhism in our R.E. lessons. To be respectful to the Sikh place of worship, everyone had to wear either a headscarf or a turban while we were there. During our visit, we had a talk with one of the Sikhs at the Gurdwara and he talked about the languages they spoke, why they cover their hair and so much more. After, we went to the hall and they provided us with drinks of either apple or orange juice. Overall, the trip was really exciting!”

By Aimee, Year 6


“We arrived at the Gurdwara in Barking and we saw all the sophisticated details and symbols at the Sikh temple. Once we got in, we had to put our headscarfs on a take our shoes off and wash our hands. A man talked to us about Sikhism and the Guru Granth Sahib, which is the Sikh holy scripture. He also talked about the five symbols of Sikhism: the kesh (uncut hair), the kara (a steel bracelet), the kanga (a wooden comb), the kaccha (underwear) and the kirpan (a steel sword).”

By Lara, Year 5