12th January 2020

Year 6 Citizenship Workshop

Year 6 Citizenship Workshop

During the last two weeks of November, Year 6 undertook a school trip to the Ilford Military Reserve Centre for a Citizenship Workshop.  


Once there, students engaged in activities involving the MET Police, paramedics, the London Fire Brigade and the TFL.  It was an engrossing and informative experience for students that provided them with the necessary skills to move about the city in preparation for Secondary School.  The workshop was taught in small groups and focused on three general topics: personal safety and well-being, TFL safety and protocol, and fire-safety.


The workshops conducted by the MET police were solely concerned with students engaging in safe practices using technology and walking to school.  One of the workshops was very informative about how sending inappropriate photos to anyone was a serious misstep, as anything on social media or the cloud is easily accessible for anyone- forever- and is also a serious offense if the student is under 18. The focus then shifted to phone safety and what not to do if someone is mugged for their phone.


The workshops taught by paramedics and the fire brigade reiterated past learning about proper procedures during an emergency situation. All-in-all the workshops were a valuable experience that will leave them in good stead as they take the next steps on their journeys towards being productive citizens of their community.