6th December 2022

Year 6 at the Imperial War Museum

Year 6 at the Imperial War Museum

Year 6 attended documentary workshops at the Imperial War Museum. Pupils were given a brief by a production company to create an engaging short documentary using the World War 2 exhibit. It was a superb opportunity to enrich their study of WW2 at school.


At the Imperial War Museum, there was a great selection of historical items, ranging from ration books to Anderson shelters. On the trip, in groups of three, we searched for three interesting objects that were worthy of making a documentary about them. I really enjoyed the creation of the documentary, as we got to know so much more about historical artefacts that were from the war. In my group, we focused on a radio briefcase, which was used for spying.

By Max, Year 6


I really enjoyed the Imperial War Museum trip, where we filmed documentary about some of the historical artefacts from the Second World War. The filming was great, as we were able to explore the WW2 exhibit and focus on the artefacts that interested us.

By Saoirse, Year 6