22nd July 2022

Year 5 Wimbledon Trip

Year 5 Wimbledon Trip

On the 8th July I went to Wimbledon with 3 other children and 2 teachers, Mrs Cornish and Miss Lunn.  I was very excited to be picked as Wimbledon is a world famous sports event.


On our arrival we saw Henman’s Hill.  It was really busy with lots of people there.  We were sitting in Court 1 and we watched the Wheelchair Mens Semi Final and the British player won.  I was surprised to see how well they played tennis.  We saw the girls doubles and the girls singles.  We also saw the mixed doubles.  What I liked most was to see the British players winning and the ice cream!


I really really enjoyed my day at Wimbledon and I will always remember it.

By Maisy, Year 5


First, we walked around the whole centre court which took about 45 minutes. Then, we went into the Wimbledon Museum. We saw the first ever racket to be invented. It looked super old. Also, we got to see how the balls changed their appearance over time. I found this very interesting. As well as this, we saw the tennis clothing which was worn over the years. Could you believe that women used to wear heavy dresses during mid-19th century!? I would probably score 0 in that get up. 

By Livaanya, Year 5


I am so grateful that I was chosen to go to Wimbledon to watch the tennis players. I learned the scores of tennis and how it works. I learned the clothes they used to wear back in the days and what tennis rackets looked like.


I also liked the first game because Alfie (one of the players) had a brilliant comeback that shocked most of the people including me.

Tiana, Year 5