11th December 2017

Year 5 visit to St Mary’s Church

Year 5 visit to St Mary’s Church

Today we visited St. Mary’s Church to learn about Christmas and Christianity. Canon Tarrant, told us lots of things we didn’t know as well as recapping on some aspects.


Firstly the Christmas story (when baby Jesus was born) and why the Wise Men and Shepherds visited Mary and Joseph in the stable. We learnt about the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.


Next Canon Tarrant told us about advent from 3rd to 24th December. We enjoyed finding out that advent meant arrival. Also that the fourth Sunday before Christmas is called Advent Sunday. 6th January is called Epiphany. We also found out that the 12 Days of Christmas are in fact the 12 days after Christmas leading up to Epiphany. In the church they have a candle holder with four red candles and one large white candle.  Each candle represents something different. The first red candle represented the patriarchs. The second was the prophets.  The third was John the Baptist. The fourth candle was Mary, the mother of Jesus.  The white one represented Christ and is lit on Christmas Day.


Canon Tarrant told us that on Christmas day he wore a special cloak called a chasuble, made of advent purple.