21st December 2018

Year 5 Visit St Mary’s Church

Year 5 Visit St Mary’s Church

We are incredibly fortunate to have the wonderful St. Mary’s Church so close to our school. We like to take the opportunity to visit whenever possible to help us develop our knowledge and understanding of the Christian festivals that we learn about in R.E.


On Monday 3rd December, Year 5 took such an opportunity and visited the Church to learn more about Christmas. Canon Tarrant gave a presentation during which he recapped our understanding of the Nativity and explained that a key part of this story is known as the Epiphany.


The Epiphany celebrates when the three wise men visited Jesus and, according to Matthew 2:11, gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. This festivals also marks when Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist.


This religious event always takes place twelve days after Christmas (on the Twelfth Night). This year, Christians will celebrate on Sunday 6th January.


As well as hearing about the Epiphany, we also learnt about Advent, the different seasons of the Church, and the inspiration behind Canon Tarrant’s religious robes (they were originally modelled on garments worn by Roman noblemen!)


“Did you know that in the Church during Advent there are five candles: 4 red and 1 white? They light a candle every Sunday before Christmas to celebrate Advent. The white candle is lit on Christmas Day”



“I never knew that Advent, in Latin, meant arrival!”