5th February 2024

Year 5 Islamic Centre Trip

Year 5 Islamic Centre Trip

“At the Islamic Centre, we first got to take a look around the boy’s prayer room, for that was where we were the whole time. But before that, we had to take our shoes off because in the Quran it says cleanliness is very important. A man called Osman taught us all this. The room had Arabic writing on the wall and there was a huge, beautiful chandelier next to where the man normally stands and speaks to everyone. The room was very spacious as well. Osman asked if anyone wanted to say a prayer from the Quran and one person our class did and someone from 5W also did soon after. I really enjoyed the trip to the South Woodford Islamic Center. I have learned a lot from Osman about the Islamic faith.”

By Zannae, Year 5


“On Tuesday 23rd January, we travelled to the South Woodford Mosque. We learned about the religion of Islam. The mosque was beautiful! Arabic was written around the room, all of which were extracts from the Quran. Osman, our guide, worked in the mosque and surprisingly, he had attended Churchfields Junior School as a pupil! He explained all the things that happen in the mosque. I really enjoyed this trip!”

By Harry, Year 5