10th December 2023

Year 5 Epping Forest Trip

Year 5 Epping Forest Trip

“When we arrived at Epping Forest, we went into a classroom to discuss what we going to be doing during the day. Then we went out and talked about the different types of soil in the forest. We then studied the river and discussed how it had shaped the surrounding land. After lunch, we went to the river again and climbed into the water! We measured the width, depth and current speed. We then went to the upper course and did the same thing.”

By Jasmin, Year 5


“When I went to Epping Forest, I didn’t really know what to expect. As soon as I got there, I was surprised! We went into the forest and our guide (James) showed us two different layers of ground: one was sandy and the other was clay. Then we went back to the centre to have lunch. After lunch, we visited the downstream. There, we stepped into the river to investigate. We visited the upstream and did the same thing – climbing into the water! At the centre we discussed what we found and drew the two parts of the river. I really enjoyed the whole trip!”

By Sonmachi, Year 5