19th February 2023

Year 5 Visit the East London Mosque

Year 5 Visit The East London Mosque

As part of their RE lessons on Islam, Year 5 visited the East London Mosque this month. Each class travelled to the mosque on a different day, and were given a tour and discussion with the mosque guide. Below, Lily in 5H describes her experience visiting this beautiful place of worship:


“I really enjoyed going to the East London Mosque. There was a lot of fascinating information and things to do. Also we went on my birthday! 


It was super fascinating that muslims wash their hands, feet, nose, arms up to their elbows, ears, mouths and their faces before even entering the place where they pray.


Furthermore, they pray five times every day; before sunrise, at midday, in the afternoon, in the evening and after sunset. 


I also learnt that they keep mosques very simple so that the muslims can focus on praying and so that they don’t get distracted.”

By Lily, Year 5