2nd June 2023

Year 4 Walthamstow Wetlands Trip

Year 4 Walthamstow Wetlands Trip

“Year 4 went on a school trip to Walthamstow Wetlands. I think this trip was my favourite trip I’ve ever been on. All of us changed into boots and then the adventures began! We walked around and went to a huge pond where we did a stick test, in which we have to drop a stick into a pond and see what direction it goes. We learned that objects in the centre of a pond move quicker than those at the edge. We also saw many geese which make sounds to protect their babies. We then look at mini-beasts, and I found a centipede, a worm, a dragonfly and a newt!”

By Anna, Year 4


“We saw some fascinating Canadian geese with their baby goslings (they were so cute!). Our guide then showed us a reservoir. We then did some pan dipping looking for some little water creatures, such as newts and my partner found lots of water boatmen! The whole trip was so so fun!”

Caitlin, Year 4