20th June 2021

Year 4 History – Virtual School Trip

Year 4 History – Virtual School Trip

Throughout the year, many of our classes have had virtual school trips. Year 4 recently had a virtual trip to the British Museum!


“In the Zoom meeting we learned about how old an artefact has to be more than 300 years old to be a treasure. My favourite things about the meeting was the challenge, especially the second one because we had to be a detective.”

Holly, Year 4


“Today we talked to a lady from the British Museum. We learned that a man called David Crisp has found a pot with 52,500 coins inside. We also learned that archeologists get money for what they find.”

Hareem, Year 4


“Today we learnt about Roman Britain. We learnt about treasure and jobs that you can have in a museum. We also learnt about Roman coins and treasures and about Dave Crisp the Frome Hoard. I enjoyed it because we learnt lots of facts.”

Willow, Year 4