3rd June 2022

Year 4 St. Mary’s Church Visit

Year 4 St. Mary’s Church Visit

“When we left the school and got to the church, Rector Lawson told us the history of the church. We found out that it was 850 years old. 


Then Rector Lawson told us about baptism and christenings. She had a baby doll and sprinkled water over it. Then she lit a candle that had ‘2022AD’ on it. She showed us the Book of Baptism, which contains the names of all the people who have been baptised here. She then explained the marriage ceremony.”

Humza, Year 4


“The baby doll was called Timmy. Rector Lawson took a coniferous branch, dipped it in holy water, and then sprinkled some of the water onto the baby’s forehead. In the marriage ceremony, we learnt that one person enters the church through the main door, before holding the other person’s hand. A white scarf called a ‘stole’ is then wrapped around their hands and they make seven wishes/promises which they won’t break.”

Anna, Year 4