5th July 2021

Year 4 Science – Idling Action

Year 4 Science – Idling Action

Year 4 had a workshop with the group Vehicle Idling Action, which is supported by 31 London boroughs.


The Year 4s learnt all about the importance of clean air and how it can contain pollutants such as particle matter and nitrogen dioxide.  Particle matter is tiny bits of dust, much smaller than a grain of sand, that we might breathe into our lungs.


They learnt how pollution can be caused naturally from volcanoes, fires, sand storms and pollen. But pollution can also be made by humans through vehicle exhausts, trains, manufacturing and heating.


With 2.6 million cars in London, the Year 4 classes were taught cars produce the most common pollution, both through exhausts and through particle matter coming from brake and tyre dust.


When cars are stationary but continue to run their engines, they are idling. The closer an adult or child is to an idling car, the more pollution they breathe in. Idling is one of the easiest sources of pollution that we can do something about.


To reduce pollution caused by idling, the Year 4s learnt that they should try to encourage others to turn off their engines when stopped, walk or cycle to school when possible, and also share how invisible pollution impacts all of us.