5th February 2024

Year 4 Pedestrian Training

Year 4 Pedestrian Training

“Today we had pedestrian training. We learnt how to cross the road safely. There are lots of places to cross the road safely, such as pelican crossings. You should use the Green Cross Code when crossing roads: stop, look, listen and think.”

By Khadijah, Year 4



“On the pedestrian training walk, we learnt a lot. We were taught how to cross the road and warned how easily someone could be hit by a car if they aren’t careful. We were taught how to look out for each other and ourselves. Our pedestrian training teacher taught us a lot. We also have a fun and great time.”

By Molly, Year 4



“This morning, we did pedestrian training. There are a lot of different types of road crossings. One type is the traffic island. When you cross the traffic island, you stop, look, listen and then cross to the small pavement in-between the two lanes of the road. Then you look for any cars again and then cross the second half of the road. The instructor helped us with this. I enjoyed this.”

By Sutch, Year 4



“At the start of pedestrian training, we talked about road safety. Even if the traffic crossing light is green, we should still check both ways before crossing because sometimes a driver might be distracted and not notice the crossing – they could be late for work or looking at their phone.”

By Ryan, Year 4



For more information on crossing roads safely, visit the Department for Transport Highway Code website: https://bit.ly/48QIN38