10th December 2023

Year 4 Judaism Workshop

Year 4 Judaism Workshop

“During the Judaism Workshop, we got to see the Torah, which is written in Hebrew.  We learnt how to recognize the Hebrew language and we learnt about the importance of the Torah to Jewish people. I can’t read Hebrew, so the workshop was really interesting explaining what some of the words mean. My favourite part of the workshop was viewing the Torah. It was made from beautiful paper, and it was so nice.”

By Aydin, Year 4


“The workshop was presented by two people, called Hannah and Elana. They showed us things from the Jewish Museum. They handed around some of the items for us to touch and view up close with our partners. We learnt that Jewish people always hold the Torah by its handles. I enjoyed this workshop as now, when I write about Judaism in RE lessons, I can more easily write about my own experiences and what I saw. I also looked forward to telling my family when I got home. I also loved when we got to write our names in Hebrew. When writing in Hebrew, you write from right to left, not left to right, as we do in English.”

By Jessica, Year 4