1st August 2019

Year 4 Introduced to Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre

Year 4 Introduced to Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre

Ahead of visits to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and aligned with our study of the famous Elizabethan poet’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Year 4 were visited by a professional actor to recreate key scenes of the play.

Pupils explored the language used and a range of dramatic techniques to make their own versions of the different settings – the enchanted forest and the grand palace – and characters – from regal Theseus to mischievous Robin Goodfellow (Puck).


At the end of the day, all four classes came together to reconstruct, on the spot, highlights from the whole play with interactive sounds and on-screen action.


The collaborative work and acting skills of pupils were on full show as the classes convincingly re-enacted the confusing and amusing antics of the characters. Pupils enjoyed immersing themselves deeply into the story and were amazed by the skills and enthusiasm of the visiting actor, who certainly inspired some budding thespians.