2nd May 2023

Year 4 Easter Performance

Year 4 Easter Performance

As part of Religious Education, Year 4 recently held an Easter performance for their parents, with singing, acting and dance.


“At the Easter assembly, we sang Christian songs and had a talk from Reverend Lowson about the Easter story. Our parents could come and watch. We did freeze frames in my class, and my group’s was about ‘resilience’. We also had some children doing beautiful patterns on the maypole. I would love to do this performance again!”

By Zannae, Year 4


“In the Easter assembly, we sang lots of songs and performed freeze frames about important values. I think it was really fun and exciting because we were doing this with our friends and families.”

By Isla, Year 4


“The Easter assembly was really fun. I liked the meaning behind it – for example, our freeze frames were about resilience and I showed how to encourage slow runners.”

By Nevaeh, Year 4