1st August 2019

Year 4 BMX Trip at the Velodrome

Children lined up with BMX bicycles

Year 4 BMX Trip at the Velodrome

Year 4 were able to round off their amazing year of wonderful experiences with a trip to the Velodrome Park in Stratford. The children had an amazing experience with the instructors as they were taught how to not only ride a BMX bike, but also ride along different slopes with extreme challenges!


The children started off with a smaller ramp and then built their way up to more challenges. It was extremely fun and all the children had an amazing day! Some children learned to ride a bike for the first time and others managed to go to the top of a 5m ramp and ride the whole course.


I really enjoyed the obstacles in the BMX trip because they were fun and had a few dips. This made it challenging for some of us, but we kept on going!

Jamie, Year 4