14th September 2017

Year 3 Parent Reading Workshop

Year 3 Parent Reading Workshop

Mr Warmoth, English Lead, ran a workshop for Year 3 and new parents to explain Churchfields Reading Express, Reading Policy and expectations. The workshop was well attended and with approximately 50 Year 3 parents attending. If any parents have any question about CJS Reading Express or reading at Churchfields please speak to the child’s Class Teacher or arrange via the School Office to speak to Mr Warmoth.


Please explore the CJS Reading express on the School’s website:



It is unique to our School and was created to foster a love of reading.  It has a number of simple steps to success.



1) Children choose a book from the CJS Reading Express Map. This book may be from home or from the classroom, school library or library outside of school. The colours on each line graduate with books suitable for Year 3 and 4 on each line in a lighter colour than the books more suitable for Year 5 and 6.


2) Child on their bookmark writes the name of their book. As they read the book the children record which page they are up to. They may choose to decorate the bookmark too.


3) When the book has been read, a parent or carer signs to confirm this on the bookmark. The teacher stamps the corresponding page in the child’s reading passport and the child colours in the station on the reading map in their passport.


4) The child then chooses another book, ideally from another line and repeat steps 1 to 3.  The librarian is in the library from 8:40 to 9:40am every day.


5) If the children want to read a book in the same series or another book on the same line, they can collect more than one stamp per line.


6) If children read a book not on the CJS Reading Express Map, they still get a stamp that corresponds to genre of the book


7) Rewards given for reading all the books on a line or reading a book from all 16 lines.