12th March 2020

Year 3 Neasden Temple Trip

Year 3 Neasden Temple Trip

Year Three were fortunate enough to visit Neasden Temple. It was a beautiful building and we were made to feel very welcome.


As we left school and boarded the coach, we were all excited and asking lots of questions.  We predicted what we thought the temple would be like using our knowledge of the Hindu mandir.  


Eventually, we arrived at the temple and we removed our shoes before we went to the mandir. This room was decorated with lots of marble statues and we looked at the murti there too.  We were shown a video about the building of the temple and we asked questions about it.  We were amazed that it took three years to build!  


Our favourite fact was that the marble had been transported from Italy and taken to India where it was hand-carved and then brought to Neasden where it was all put together.   We were fortunate enough to be in the mandir during the Arti ceremony too.


This trip helped our knowledge of the way Hindus pray and worship and helped us to appreciate another culture too.