1st January 2024

Year 3 Visit to Neasden Temple

Year 3 Visit to Neasden Temple

As part of their RE topic, Year 3 visited Neasden Temple. Some of our Year 3 pupils recount the trip.


“As the temple came into view, it was so beautiful! Inside, we went upstairs and I saw lots of murtis and I thought it was so lovely both inside and outside! I enjoyed the arti ceremony because it looked amazing. Our guide was kind and helpful, and I learned that it took three years and hundreds of volunteers to build the temple.”

By Evie, Year 3


“At Neasden Temple, I had the time of my life! The temple was huge!! Our guide told us about Hinduism and its past. I answered a question correctly, which was about deities. The museum section was really big and spectacular. Over all, I think everyone should visit the temple at least once!”

By Ashvith, Year 3


“At the start of the month we went to Neasden Temple. I was speechless when I arrived as I loved its majestic colours and the patterns around the inside. It was amazing. We  saw an arti ceremony and a kind lady showed us around.”

By Noah, Year 3


“We went to the mandir. We watched a video about how it was made and we watched an arti ceremony. I loved the trip. My mum came on the trip and it was very exciting.”

By Amelie, Year 3