21st June 2023

Year 3 Neasden Mandir Trip

Year 3 Neasden Mandir Trip

“On 30th June we visited Neasden Temple, which is called a mandir. At the mandir we learnt how the temple was built and that it is the only mandir in London, so it is very special. The marble inside the mandir was beautiful – it even had gold on it!”

By Anika, Year 3

“We went inside the temple and we took our shoes off inside. After sitting down, we watched a video showing how the temple was built and how long it took to build. After that, we went upstairs and saw lots of statues of Hindu gods. I really liked the Ganesh statue. I liked the design and patterns in the temple.”

By Olly, Year 3

“I liked the elephant god the most. I also liked the structure of the temple – it was so big! It was bigger than I expected!”

By Kerim, Year 3


“The temple was gorgeous. Everything was so carefully carved, including the walls and the floors! The trip was so much fun. We got to see the Arti ceremony and a religious man was waving candles near some Murtis, which were statues of Hindu gods.”

By Sutch, Year 3

“After learning about how the temple was built we went to view the Murtis and learn more information about Hinduism. The temple looked really nice. After we were able to ask some questions, we went into an Arti ceremony.”

By Josiah, Year 3