8th October 2023

Year 3’s First Day

Year 3’s First Day

With the start of September, we welcome 120 new faces into our school in the form of Year 3. Their first month at our school is now complete, but let’s look back to their first day and first week – all in their own words!

“On my first day at Churchfields Junior School I met my new teacher Miss Dennis. I’m enjoying all my lessons, especially PE, music, art, maths and RE! The lunch is amazing! I think this school is the best. I love going to my new school and learning here.”

By Samina, Year 3


“I was quite nervous on my first day but after a few days I started to get used to my new school. It’s been great so far. I love the clubs and I love the teachers. I am having a lot of fun learning. I love the fact that we have lockers and a library. Our playground and field have a lot of fun equipment to play on which I like a lot too.”

By Mihir, Year 3


“On my first day I felt a bit nervous but once I met my new teacher I felt a bit better. I made new friends and when I saw the ship on the field I was shocked! I think that it is one of my favourites. I also love gymnastics. I also get to read so many books from the library, too!”

By Fleur, Year 3