22nd July 2023

Year 3 Bushcraft Workshops

Year 3 Bushcraft Workshops

Year 3 recently had an exciting and unusual experience, taking part in an outdoors ‘bushcraft’ workshop.


Beneath a specially-erected basha, each Year 3 class ventured out into the wilds of Churchfields Junior’s field to learn how to create campfires and survive in the wild. Read on to learn about Lucy’s experiences:


“We made a fire out of wool and a flint tool. To make the fire burn for longer, we added lip balm and it worked! Then we made a bigger fire and roasted our own marshmallows. They were delicious! We used sticks, leaves and flowers to build our own mini dens. After that, we used our history knowledge by looking at stone age tools. My favourite was the bow and arrow!”

By Lucy, Year 3