16th March 2023

Year 3 British Museum Trip

Year 3 British Museum Trip

Year 3 visited The British Museum this month. The purpose of their trip was to experience firsthand the rich culture and history of Ancient Egypt.


“On the 24th February 3Sm and 3C went on a school trip to The British Museum. In the museum we went to a room and a museum guide told us about the Ancient Egyptians. She also let us use a fun photo app. Then we explored the Egyptian rooms. After lunch we then explored more rooms in the museum. I really enjoyed the trip!”

By Neil, Year 3


“My favourite part of our school trip to The British Museum was seeing the mummies – some were even unwrapped! I also liked looking at the hieroglyphics.”

By Velizar, Year 3


“In The British Museum we learnt about the River Nile. We discovered it is the longest river in the world. We also learnt that Memphis and Thebes were the capitals of Ancient Egypt.”

By Riaan, Year 3


“The trip was amazing. It was so fun. It was my first time visiting The British Museum! The museum was so big and so cool. I really liked the lady who taught us all about Ancient Egypt.”

By Kerim, Year 3