16th April 2022

World Book Day & Book Fair

World Book Day & Book Fair

On Thursday 3rd March it was World Book Day. It was a fun-filled event where everybody dressed up in many bright colours and enjoyed talking about their favourite books. We had many fun activities planned for the day. We discussed our favourite books from a variety of genres.


We had a fun book trade. Everybody put a book from home into a box and we did a raffle to see what number each person got.


We then went up to the front in turn and chose a book that caught our curiosity. We had many popular books which everybody was rushing to read first. We all loved the book trade so much, and we now have a box in our classrooms that we can either borrow books from or put books in so others can read them. Some children even brought in multiple books to trade.


We also had a discussion about our favourite books and authors.
By Esra and Ayla, Year 5