6th April 2024

World Book Day 2024

World Book Day 2024

The Pupil Leadership group the Book Worms share their experiences of World Book Day 2024.


“On World Book Day, I dressed up and told my class about my quote. It wasn’t long – it was only a few words. It was “Always be a little kinder than necessary.” I didn’t expect to win, not with 29 other people in my class competing. Even though I didn’t win, the exciting thing was being a part of it all. Then it was time for the book fair. The book fair was wonderful. I couldn’t pick which book I wanted so I just thought and browsed the selection for a while! I finally chose a book after a few minutes. My favourite part of the day was visiting the book fair. I had a magnificent day!”

By Jessica, Year 4


“The best part of the day for me was competing in the Battle of the Books event, and winning as a class! It was also really nice to get a book voucher to spend.”

By Joseph, Year 6


“I won the Battle of the Books in my class. I shared my favourite book, which is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with my friend Sanjna.”

By Rakshara, Year 5


“I did a presentation about my book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It was really interesting seeing everyone with quotes on their shirts. It was exciting when Mr Butcher announced the class winner!”

By Sam, Year 4


“On World Book Day everyone in my class talked about their favourite books. Whoever had the best speech about their chosen book became the winner of the Battle of the Books. Everyone wore their favourite quote from a book. Some taped their quote to their shirts, and others bought shirts with the quote printed on them. In my class, Edie gave an amazing speech and she won the Battle of the Bands in Year 6. One of my favourite books are the Tom Gates books. I also like a book called The Creakers by Tom Fletcher. My best friend Suhana gave it to me and she even wrote a message inside. I chose to give my speech about this book on World Book Day.”

By Sahana, Year 6