1st August 2019

Woodland Clearance by Santander

Woodland Clearance by Santander

Santander’s Community Days scheme encourages staff to take a day out of the office to volunteer for a local cause.


On Friday 5th July, a team of 18 Santander employees dedicated the day to starting the woodland clearance project. Churchfields have long hoped to bring this area of the school back into use and the team from Santander really helped to make this happen.


A big thank you to the Santander team for working so hard and clearing enough to fill an 8 yard skip within a few hours. The woodland had become very overgrown with dense brambles and ivy, so pupils could no longer use this area. The volunteers helped to transform the overgrown woodland in a corner of the school field, into a new, exciting space for the children to enjoy.


As you can see from the photographs there is now a clear pathway for the children to use. This area will help us provide more hands-on learning experiences in a woodland and natural environment. The eco group and gardening club have already started to work on developing this area since the Santander project.


If you are able to help continue the project, please let the School Office know. We have tools and equipment for you to use but you may also bring your own if you are used to your own secateurs, lopers etc…