Wellbeing Ambassadors

Who We Are

We are the Wellbeing Ambassadors. We are here to help and support each other when we are troubled. By teaching each other strategies on how we can cope with stressful situations, we want to ensure all pupils at Churchfields Junior School are happy and have a positive outlook on life. Our hope is that everyone will be confident and proactive in overcoming problems and face their challenges head on.

What We Do

Every week we meet with Mrs Mahmood and Mr Ghose to explore new strategies, based on scientific research, that will help us be confident, be positive and be considerate of others. We share and discuss strategies as a class, before sharing them with the school through campaigns and assemblies. We want school to be a place that is free of anxiety and ensure all children have multiple strategies they can employ to deal with any worries they face as the grow up in life. We hope that by working on finding our own voices, we will have greater confidence, to care and support everyone in the Churchfields’ family.

How We Make A Difference

  • Act as a buddy at the Friendship Stop at break and lunchtimes.
  • Promote events such as Mental Health Awareness Week, through poster campaigns.
  • Share and discuss research based strategies to promote a positive mind-set and well-being.
  • Engage in recitals and activities that encourage public speaking to build confidence.
  • Build an ethos of kindness, caring and politeness around the school through assemblies and campaigns.




We are the wellbeing ambassadors. We are here to explain that are pupil leadership is not just for healthy minds. We are here to make sure that all pupils fell confident as being themselves and being aware of their own abilities. Pupils should know how to deal with stress of everyday life. If children cannot do this, we are here to find solutions for any problems. Pupils will be able to have a friend around to comfort them and make them feel safe.


To help myself and my friends. Friendship is important for our mental health.


To make sure I am feeling good first and then to talk with friends and try to take care of them, if they are feeling sad.


What I want to achieve in this group is to be able to share my feelings and emotions in a positive way and help myself and friends around me.


I want to gain confidence, in this pupil leadership group, so I am able to help other people feel confident about themselves. If someone is sad I want to make them feel better.


I want to be more confident and brave. I do not want to be stressed out. I want to be able to express a range of emotions and cope with the everyday stresses. I want to help my friends as well as my teachers.


As a wellbeing ambassadors, this year, I want to achieve and learn different things. Also I want to learn how to manage my stress. Maybe I could feel a little bit more confident and help out my friends when there hurt or feeling down.


I think that I should help make people feel confident about everything and feel calm. People should be able to feel happy and should listen to each and one other. Be respectful to people and help people when they are hurt or upset.


I want to be confident and show my emotions appropriately. I want to show that I am confident in school and not always be nervous. Showing my emotions would be good so someone can help calm me down if I am scared. You should always make sure that there is an adult to calm you down if you become upset or too hyper.


I want to feel good and proud of myself and my work.


What I want to achieve from this group is, confidence, energy and to achieve many things. I also want to achieve the power of coping with stresses that are related to everyday life and learning. I also want to be able to create groups that concentrate on stresses and difficulties. Dealing with change helps people and this is positive energy. A healthy body and mind is what I want.


I want to achieve my goals and be clever because I want to change dangerous things to good things so it makes sense. Sometimes I get a lot of emotions and I can’t keep them all in so I want to help others too.

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I want to make people feel confident and calm and feel proud of what they have done. I also want to help them if they are hurt. There are many ways you can be kind like listening, respecting others not forcing anyone to do something they don’t want to.

Karuna Bhudia 3C


I want to be able to be more productive and manage my time to help my friends or someone, when they are feeling hurt. Friendship is very important too because you can make new friends. But, you must first look after yourself before helping others.


I want to make pupils feel better by getting things done around the school, like repairing the water fountain so they stay hydrated. If you are thirsty, you feel worse. I want to be productive and use my time efficiently to help others.


I want to learn how to deal with my own problems before helping others. We need to remember that we can get the support of a responsible adult or a close friend. If you don’t feel good, the best option is to tell someone because you are splitting your problem in half and they will make it their goal to help you.


We must always try hard to face our fears and feel confident in ourselves. If we feel stressed, we can do an activity to help calm us down like counting down, yoga or baking – anything that makes us feel calm.


I want to be able to work with everyday stresses and be more mindful about dealing with change. I want to be calmer with my four-year-old sister, when she is singing or screaming.


I want to help make people confident and help them to give speeches! I want to help make people happy and kind because being angry or down can affect their learning.


I want to be able to make people’s day when they are upset or depressed. I want to make people happier than they are and not to see anyone sad.


I think I would like to achieve something so that we are able to help to help others if they have any problems in their life. Always ask your friends or others if they are struggling or if you can help them.


I want to help make people more confident in themselves so they can work productively and achieve more. I want them to be able to express a range of emotions and to maintain a positive relationship with others.