Wellbeing Ambassadors

Who We Are

We are the Wellbeing Ambassadors. We are here to help and support each other when we are troubled. By teaching each other strategies on how we can cope with stressful situations, we want to ensure all pupils at Churchfields Junior School are happy and have a positive outlook on life. Our hope is that everyone will be confident and proactive in overcoming problems and face their challenges head on.

What We Do

Every week we meet with Mrs Mahmood and Mr Ghose to explore new strategies, based on scientific research, that will help us be confident, be positive and be considerate of others. We share and discuss strategies as a class, before sharing them with the school through campaigns and assemblies. We want school to be a place that is free of anxiety and ensure all children have multiple strategies they can employ to deal with any worries they face as the grow up in life. We hope that by working on finding our own voices, we will have greater confidence, to care and support everyone in the Churchfields’ family.

How We Make A Difference

  • Act as a buddy at the Friendship Stop at break and lunchtimes.
  • Promote events such as Mental Health Awareness Week, through poster campaigns.
  • Share and discuss research based strategies to promote a positive mind-set and well-being.
  • Engage in recitals and activities that encourage public speaking to build confidence.
  • Build an ethos of kindness, caring and politeness around the school through assemblies and campaigns.




I have joined the wellbeing ambassadors to help make me a more confident person. I then want to be able to help others to become great people.


As a wellbeing ambassador, I would like to help myself recognise my own feelings. I would like to help others, around the school, to feel happy and have the confidence to tell someone if they have any problems.


I chose to be a wellbeing ambassador so that I can help myself manage my feelings. I want to help others feel safe, happy and confident.


What wellbeing means to me is being able to help myself and others feel better about themselves. I would like to make the school a better and happier place to be, where everyone feels safe.


To me, wellbeing means how you feel inside, so I chose to be a wellbeing ambassador because I want everyone to feel safe and happy, at the school. My aim is to develop a healthy environment around the school.


Making people feel included and happy is one of my aims for joining the wellbeing ambassadors. I want to be there for others who feel excluded, especially through my buddy duty.


I want to feel proud of myself, by being a wellbeing ambassador. I want to be able to show my emotions and I want to encourage others to be able to do the same.


I want to be able to help other children, around the school, especially if they are feeling unwell or sad. I want everyone to be positive and


To me, wellbeing is about staying happy and keeping people around you happy, too. I don’t want anyone to feel lonely, so I will do my best to help whoever I can.


Wellbeing means to be able to look after yourself, and others, and learning how to be responsible for your own happiness. My aim is to make this school a happy place for everyone who is not enjoying themselves, right now.


I wanted to be a wellbeing ambassador because it will teach me how to improve my own mental health and manage my behaviour. I want to help others feel better.


To me, wellbeing means looking after my own mental health and helping others with theirs, too. Everyone should know they have a friend or ‘buddy’ to turn to, at the school. My aim is to help everyone feel happy and safe.


Wellbeing ambassadors means you don’t just have a friend to turn to, but someone to make you feel happy and confident. Being a buddy means showing positive feelings and attitudes to everyone. My name means ‘Protector of man’ and I want to help others by being kind-hearted.


I want to be part of the well-being leadership group because I want to have a happier life. Everyone deserves to be happy, no matter where they are, just like I am happy to be at this school.


Keeping a positive mind set and staying happy is what wellbeing means to me. I want to be able to teach others to be happy and about mental health. I want to change the world and have a positive life.


I want to be confident and happy, whilst at this school, and I want to achieve ways of helping others. I someone does not feel too well, I can encourage them to speak to an adult. If I find someone who is sad, I can cheer them up by being kind.


My aim is to help others by being kind and respectful. But, I must look after myself, first. If someone is sad or upset, they can find a buddy to talk to or we can help them find an adult to talk to.


I want to be happy and helpful, around the school and all the time, so that I can look after others and make more friends.