26th November 2016

A Visit from the Bishop of Barking

A Visit from the Bishop of Barking

Last month, we were fortunate to receive a visit from the Bishop of Barking. Himself and Canon Tarrant spent some time with 4WK for a question and answer session, to learn more about his role as Bishop and how he is helping the local and wider community. We look forward to seeing him again in the future!


Mr Webster

“It was great to meet the Bishop of Barking. We found lots of information about his role within Christianity. It was particular interesting to find out about his crook. It was originally used by shepherds, to control their flocks of sheep as well as to keep away animals from taking his sheep. We found out that he helped refugees in Calais, to help young children get to England and be reunited with their family. I thought it was an extremely kind and helpful thing to do.”


Max Year 4