19th October 2016

Virtual Reality Teaching

Google Expeditions

The staff at Churchfields Junior School were fortunate in being visited by Google this half term. The purpose of their visit was to demonstrate to teachers how to take their class on a ‘Google Expedition’. This is an exciting new project launched by Google to promote taking children to an area around the world, or indeed inside the human body, without even leaving their desk. The staff were amazed to find themselves in the Amazon Rainforest whilst looking through what appeared to be a small cardboard box. Amazingly, inside each of these small contraptions lived a smartphone, allowing us to see the rainforest in 3D, moving the box around to look high above and down below. We were also able to see internal parts of the human body.

There are hundreds of different locations to which the children can be transported. The aim of this project is to aid children in learning more about their topic of study. We feel this will better serve many subjects in our curriculum. In particular English in further inspiring children’s’ writing; the geography curriculum in understanding land use; and science in allowing children to better visualise a concept.  We look forward to welcoming Google back to our school to work with the children and show them how the technology works.


Miss Cooper