2nd June 2023

Time Travellers – King’s Coronation

Time Travellers – King’s Coronation

Our Time Travellers Pupil Leadership group share their experiences of the King’s coronation.


“I found the part with the orb and the sceptre because I’m the bishop in [a current young people’s production of] Frozen. Even though we are not using an orb or sceptre it was interesting to see the Archbishop of Canterbury! We had a street party during the ceremony until after the flypast. I also like the lady with the sword. I loved the processions: the part when they all started at the same time was really cool. I loved Prince Louie too.”

By Bethany, Year 4


“I think the best part of the coronation was when King Charles III was being crowned because it was really exciting to have a new King. It is important to see a King or Queen being crowned, as it is a historical day.”

By Eda, Year 4


“King Charles III’s coronation was an important moment in history. To celebrate, a lot of people hosted street parties or watched the coronation live on TV.”

By Marley, Year 5


“The king’s coronation was the first coronation for 70 years! King Charles is the third King to be named Charles. Over 2000 people were invited to the ceremony including ex-prime ministers.”

By Henry, Year 5


“For the King’s coronation I went to my friend’s street party. The Queen would have been so happy for her son.”

By Elsie, Year 5


“I celebrated King Charles III coronation by having a street party. Unfortunately, it was raining but it was still fun and I went on a bouncy castle, had my face painted and ate a lot of food!


I found the actual ceremony very interesting. It included some of the great crown jewels that are very precious. There are many crown jewels that King Charles III will only hold once such as the sovereign orb.”

By Suhana, Year 5