5th February 2024

Time Travellers- 150th Anniversary

Time Travellers- 150th Anniversary

The Time Travellers, one of our pupil leadership groups, recently gave an assembly to the school to talk about our 150th anniversary. Read on to learn more about our special anniversary, in the words of our Time Travellers:


“Churchfields School was founded in 1874 with a boys’ school and a girls’ and infants’ school. It opened 150 years ago on 5th January 1874. Land for the school to be built on had been bought three years earlier in 1871.”

By Neil



“In 1937 Churchfields Junior School was formed when the Boys’ and Girls’ schools were brought together. This makes the Juniors 87 years old. The Infants’ school had already become separate in 1888.”

By Sufyan



“Many things were happening in 1874, the year our school was first built. Famous figures such as prime minister and Woodford MP Winston Churchill, Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, American writer Gertrude Stein and Egyptologist Howard Carter, discoverer of King Tut’s tomb in Egypt, were all born in this year.


In London, Victoria Embankment, walkway along the Thames, was opened, and baseball was first played at Lord’s Cricket Ground, before becoming popular in the USA. The first impressionist painters’ exhibition opened in Paris including works by Claude Monet.


1874 was also when lawn tennis was introduced (the game you see played at Wimbledon each summer) using a rubber ball on grass.


The two Prime Ministers in this year are two of Britain’s most famous: William Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli.”

By Amelie



“It was quite different being a student here in the Victorian Era. For one thing, you had to pay to come. In class you would not speak unless asked to by the teacher, there was no group work or partner talk, and you would not have asked questions, even if you didn’t understand. Most of the work would be copying or learning things such as long poems by heart.”

By Ayon



“It did not become compulsory to send children to school until 1880, and then it wasn’t compulsory after the age of 10!
We will all get a taste of this experience as every class will be visiting the Ragged School museum to celebrate our 150th anniversary.”

By Maison



“Part of the original Churchfields School buildings are now Redbridge Drama Centre next door, but the Infants and Juniors have newer buildings they now use.”

By Ayyan



“It is important we recognise how lucky we are to have such new, beautiful and cared for surroundings.”

By Kim



“The school’s appreciative value reminds us to be grateful and take responsibility for respecting and maintaining the facilities we have.”

By Kosani



“We are all part of the story of Churchfields School and its ongoing legacy. It is our privilege to be a part of the school at this significant moment in its history.”

By Zane