7th July 2015

The Imaginary

The Imaginary by Emily Gravett

The Imaginary

by A. F. Harrold

I think that this book should be a well-known classic by now. The Imaginary is probably the best book that I have ever read, compared to What Katy Did, The Famous Five and Harry Potter. This enthralling book is based on a girl called Amanda and her imaginary friend, Rudger. The first few pages of this book actually drew me to tears and I don’t usually cry. This book also has quite a dark twist to it, which is very intriguing.

If I had to rate this novel out of ten, I would probably give it a 9 because it was the type of novel that I have wanted to read and this has fulfilled and enriched me. I don’t usually choose this genre of book, but after reading this I may have changed my mind about fantasy books. I personally felt that as the book drew to a conclusion, the dog Fridge’s ending was not explained enough, as if it had been rushed; therefore I scored it a nine.


I recommend this book to the ages of eight to fourteen because it includes very descriptive language and is different from most of the books that I have read.

Reviewed by Lily

Year 6

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