12th March 2020

TfL STARS Top Schools Award

TfL STARS Top Schools Award

On Tuesday 7th January myself and Kevin in Year 3 travelled to City Hall for a STARS Seminar and Awards for Top Schools in London. 

We were representing the school and the Junior Travel Ambassadors for our hard work promoting walking to school. Whilst we were there we met Dr William Oliver Norman who is London’s walking and cycling commissioner. His boss is the Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan. During the day we did lots of workshops about road safety and pollution. We learnt some interesting facts such as you are exposed to 9 times more pollution travelling in a car than when you cycle or walk and you can avoid 30 to 60 percent of air pollution by not walking along busy roads. There is a useful tool found at www.cleanairroutes.london that can help you find less polluted walking routes. Other schools shared their ideas and suggestions on how to involve pupils, parents and the wider community, which was really interesting. 


Churchfields Juniors is already a Gold STARS accredited school and it was great to be given an award recognising our hard work in promoting walking and safe travel.


By Olly, Year 6