Test Your Music Skills

These assessments take place in the penultimate or last lesson of each unit. They are based on the knowledge provided in the lessons, Knowledge Organisers and link to the objectives identified on the Self-Assessment Sheets.


End of Unit Quizzes are a form of written test that include a range of open and closed question types (multiple choice, missing word problems, single word or paragraphs required etc.). Questions can be worth 1, 2 or 3 marks with the total score amounting to 10.


Scores are uploaded by the Class Teacher into the Foundation Trackers for each subject and an average of these scores is then generated to provide an end of year assessment for each pupil within Art, Computing, D&T, French, Geography, History, PSHCE and Science. Annual Reports to parents provide an attainment grade for every subject based on this data and class work.


After analysing results, teachers use this data to inform and adapt their teaching and lesson content as required should misconceptions be evident.