5th February 2024

Technology in the 1800s

Technology in the 1800s

When our school opened in 1874, the first children to step through the doors were living in a tremendously exciting world. Between 1850 and 1900 in particular, there seemed to be an amazing explosion of inventiveness around the world. Our Digital Leaders have chosen what they believe to be the most important inventions created around the time of our school opening.


The Lightbulb in 1879

“I think the most important invention was Thomas Edison’ lightbulb as before you always had to light a candle and even then there would not be much light in the room. Also, many people do a lot when it has gotten dark and candles did not give off much light then so they needed a lightbulb to see more easily. Once the light bulb was invented, the room was much brighter and to turn it on, all you had to do was press a button or flick a switch and a lot more light would fill the room.”

By Sanjna, Year 5


The Escalator in 1891

“I think the most important invention is the escalator by Jesse W. Reno, because when you walk up stairs you waste your energy . If you walk up stairs you can become tired and might not have enough energy to get to where you were going. People with mobility problems might struggle to walk up stairs and the escalator helps them.”

By Zayn, Year 5


Traffic Lights in 1868

To me, one of the most important inventions of all time was the traffic lights as they actually stopped a lot of chaos, although they might seem like a small unimportant invention. Just imagine the world without traffic lights, everything would be so confusing and many people would have car or vehicle accidents on the roads while trying to read other drivers’ minds about where they are traveling. So you should be extremely thankful and grateful to J.P. Knight as he was the extraordinary inventor who made this life-saving invention.

By Kavya, Year 5


Anaesthesia in 1845

“I think the most important invention was anaesthesia by Doctor William Morton, because if we did not have anaesthesia,  we would have to suffer the pain, when we go to the hospital. Whereas if we have anaesthesia we would not have to suffer the pain.”

By Tanvi, Year 4


The Telephone in 1879

“I think that the telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell, is the most important invention. With the telephone, you can speak to people from far away. You can also seek help from a long distance, such as if you need an ambulance fast, you just call 999.”

By Sam, Year 5


The Stapler in 1841

“I think that the most important invention is the stapler by Samuel Slocum. This is because if you didn’t have a stapler, papers that need to be kept together could not. Which means that papers would be all over the place! Also, imagine if the papers were really precious and you could not find them! You would have to start all over again! In conclusion, for me the stapler is the most important invention.”

By Isla, Year 4


Radar in 1887

“In 1887 Heinrich Hertz from Hamburg, Germany invented radar. Although he was German, 1887 was a year of peace so England managed to get a hold of it. The British Royal Air Force used it during the Battle of Britain and in the Cold War to look out for planes that might drop a nuclear bomb. It played a major role in the defeat of Germany as the Luftwaffe bombed major cities such as London and Manchester. Radar enabled alarms to go off for people to shelter in Anderson and Morrison shelters in case of risk of bombing.”

By Henry, Year 6