Governor Ms Smith

I believe that a good education and the necessary support is an essential foundation in life and is the solution to many problems society faces today. Education has always been an area of interest for me, and I was heavily involved with various committees at both school and university with the aim of improving the organisations for both current and future students. In serving as a school governor, I would like to be involved in ensuring the school provides the best possible platform for the students’ future, ensuring they can achieve what they set out to in life, irrespective of their socioeconomic background, and in doing so, making a positive contribution to children’s education. I feel that the skills I have developed as a solicitor would be a good match for serving as a school governor, and I would like to use these skills to help out a local school. I am a good listener and analytical thinker. My current role requires me to not only think through problems but to present solutions and advise on those solutions and the best path forward. The experience gained from serving as a school governor would no doubt also help me develop further skills, working with others as part of a board towards a common goal, and learning more about current education policies and how schools operate. Women tend to be underrepresented on boards of organisations, whether it be school boards or the boards of corporations. In taking on the position as a school governor, I would be doing my part in increasing female visibility and serving as a voice for women. In particular, I would have an understanding of the challenges faced by female students and would hope to work together with the board to provide solutions for such challenges.


Mrs Connor was appointed as a Co-opted Governor in November 2019 for 3 years.


Mrs Connor holds the following responsibilities within the Governing Body:


  • Member of the Curriculum Committee
  • Link Governor for Computing
  • Link Governor for History