I am Ahsan Gulabkhan and I have been elected as a School Governor at Churchfields Junior School from March 2021. An opportunity I am really looking forward to.


I would like to utilise my skills and energy to assist the community and in particular schools. I believe my education and schooling were integral to my progression through higher learning and my career, and I would like to be able to look to help the next generations in their journeys. With the legal skills I have and management expertise I have gained I do hope that I can make a valuable contribution and would very much value the opportunity to do so. I understand that there is a time commitment with being a school governor but am keen to make such a commitment given the rewarding experience it provides and the ability to make a difference.


I declare, I or my relatives have no pecuniary or business interests.


Mr Gulabkhan holds the following responsibilities within the Governing Body:


  • Member of the Environmental Committee
  • Member of the Finance and Personnel Committee 
  • Link Governor for Science
  • Link Governor for Music