10th June 2024

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Churchfields is recognised as a school which has outstanding teaching, and we often have the opportunity to share our teaching experience with others, such as trainee teachers. In May, we welcomed 60 trainee teachers from around London who attended a day’s training on how to teach art and design technology. Led by Mrs Thornton (art) and Mr Wilkins (DT), the trainee teachers were given practical guidance, along with experiencing real lessons with some of our pupils.


“We looked at the art curriculum and discussed the value of art. I showed them examples of the slides we use for each lesson. I then took them through basic drawing skills for Year 3, focussing on the different marks that various pencils make, and how to shade objects to make them appear 3D. We also looked at how to create landscapes with shading and using textures. I then demonstrated water-colouring techniques.”

By Mrs Thornton, art teacher


“In their DT course, I showed them the structure of a DT half term, including researching existing products and developing prototypes. We then looked at how to ensure health and safety in the classroom, how to make lessons inspiring and how to design a wide curriculum. In the afternoon, I brought some of the Year 5 children to demonstrate a woodwork lesson.”

By Mr Wilkins, DT and computing teacher.