8th November 2015

Tom’s Midnight Garden

Tom's Midnight Garden

Tom’s Midnight Garden

By Philippa Pearce

Tom’s Midnight Garden is both a heart-felt and fascinating fantasy story that will have you gripped to each page as you turn to read what happens next. Based on the original publication in 1958 Tom’s Midnight Garden has also been re-created for television and the stage. This book tells the tale of a young boy Tom who is sent to live with his aunt and uncle during the summer holidays. Not only is this book relatable to those who read, but it is also easy to imagine how a young boy may feel so desolate and abandoned in a new and lacklustre surrounding. One evening as Tom longs for adventure, he hears a clock strike thirteen times. As thirteen may be associated with misfortune in this story it is not. Tom discovers a secret garden and meets a friend.


As well as Tom being elated with his new friend (Hattie) it soon becomes apparent that Tom and Hattie are in fact living in a different era to one another. Putting differences behind they spend more and more time together, fulfilling adventures and even sharing some of their biggest experiences and secrets. Each day tom writes to his brother back at home to re-tell his adventures with Hattie. The end of the story will leave you with a twist to the tale and the revealing of answers that you have wanted whilst reading the book. With an abundance of description and use of a wide range of vocabulary, Pearce will always provide you with an image and insight to the world inside the book. This book is extremely atmospheric and asks you as a reader to think about those different to you, growing up and how many people have impacted where you are today and what you are capable of. This book will not only take you on an emotional voyage, but it will teach you the importance of time, place and significance and is an excellent read.


Reviewed by Mrs Hilton

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