30th May 2019

Steve McQueen’s Tate Project

Steve McQueen’s Tate Project

This school year, Year 3 classes have had the chance to be involved in an amazing contemporary art project: the TATE ‘Year 3 Project’. The project is the work of award-winning artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen. The aim is to photograph Year 3 classes from all over London in the school year 2018/2019 to provide a gigantic snapshot of our city and its children as they start their junior years.


On Friday 21st September 2018, the school was visited by two photographers from the TATE. They took class portraits of each of our four Year 3 classes in the traditional format of rows with benches and teacher in the middle. This was based on Steve McQueen’s own Year 3 class portrait. During the day, each class took part in an activity imagining and acting out the jobs the children may have in 20 years time.


Eight months later, on Tuesday 21st June, Year 3 took part in further activities based on the project. We were visited by 3 artists who explored the idea of community through 3 different mediums.


The children made ‘treasure maps’ of their community exploring the places they love and where they go to learn, play and seek advice. They also learnt about Van Gogh’s hand portraits and combined this with the Dada movement’s word and image style to represent their classes through hand gestures and single words. Finally, they were able to take part in a physical performance, choreographed to the beat of a drum and exploring falling out and making up within the community.


In the afternoon, Year 3 shared their artworks with each other and Year 5. They then sealed their ‘treasure maps’ and other items from the day in class ‘vaults’. These are to be opened and reflected on in the next academic year when the exhibition is unveiled. The exhibition will open in November 2019 at Tate Britain. We can’t wait to see the photographs.