2nd May 2023

Spring Run

Spring Run

On the 20th April Churchfields took part in the annual Spring Run at Fairlop Waters.


All year groups were trialled and the fastest 8 girls and 8 boys from each year group were selected. 


All children ran a great race and the results were as follows:


Team medals were awarded to year 5 and 6 with Churchfields boys and girls A team winning the gold. The boys B team won bronze medals.


“I was excited about the Spring Run. I really enjoyed watching everyone race and as my race drew nearer I started feeling excited. Surprisingly I came 3rd place out of all the year 3 boys. I was really happy when I realised I was going to get 2 medals.”

By Samuel, Year 3


“We ran around the Fairlop lake as it is exactly one mile. The race was fun and we cannot wait to do it again next year.”

By Anika, Year 3